Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moment of Silence for my long lost very long hair....

I am just pining over the 14 inches of hair I chopped a few months ago.....It will grow back, right? *tear*

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back when I had time to do exciting things......

I found a few stored photos of me in 2004 when I did the Echo Triathalon. Too bad there aren't any of me biking or running. At least I have hard copies of those. Like I said before, not much happens in our lives that render picture taking, so I have to dig several years back to find anything to post, so I don't give up on the blogging altogether.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Official.....My Niece is the Cutest

OK now seriously folks. Josephine is honestly the cutest human being on the face of the planet. I always say that if I don't have a Josie clone, I don't know what I will do. Look at the picture and judge for yourself.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Procrastination.....I got Tagged

So I am finally just buckling down and fufilling my dutiful blogging obligations to post when tagged, so here goes 6 Random Facts: (let's face it though, my life is an open book.There is little one doesn't know about me.)

  1. A long time ago in a far away place named Kansas City, Missouri, there was a gas station that had diet pepsi, diet dr. pepper, and red creme fanta soda. So I mixed those and Jason christened the name for that drink, "My Concoction." Lo and Behold, 2 weeks later, out comes Diet Pepsi Jazz, Strawberries and Creme, and I swear, I had died and gone to heaven. I like to think that I truly invented that first.
  2. I truly have found my passion in life. I always thought it was to be some super athlete, but really, I am most happy when I am making cards for friends, family, and others. It has been an excellent therapeutic outlet and I am so happy I am allowing myself to TRY and CONTINUE TRYING, no matter how loud my perfectionistic mind is.
  3. I love Audrey Hepburn. If I could come back again in life, I'd be her for sure. I am slowly trying to convert my wardrobe to all Black, Creme, White, and Grey.
  4. I, like Leslie, have the worst teeth ever. After trying 4...count them....4 crowns on one tooth (and don't you worry, I've got almost all my teeth crowned) I have to get a *GASP* implant and a veneer. Like I can pull $3000 bucks outta my butt. I say pull the stupid thing. I can relate to Leslie and the cavity bit. The lowest number I have ever had was 4, the highest, 8 or 9. My hubby has perfect teeth. No cavities at all. SUCKS when it comes time to pay dental insurance. I do have to say that I cannot just blame this on my horrible teeth grinding. I chew bubble gum like it will be gone tomorrow. And I can't pawn this off to genetics either, unfortunatley.
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to talk radio on AM stations. I honestly could not tell you one popular song out right now. I am hooked on Rush, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, and Glenn Beck. I mean, while you are sitting in traffic, why not educate yourself, right?
  6. I don't accept traditional gender roles....completely. Of course, this leads to my family calling my a feminazi, which I am not, but I just think that it is 100% fair that while no kidlets are in the picture, all household duties are 50/50. I don't always think the woman has to cook and clean. The guy can do it just as well! Jason does the Laundry, I dustbust around the, but really, nothing makes my hair stand on end more than when a family eats dinner and the men get up, walk away from the table, and go watch T.V. Me? I'm like, "Get your bum back in here and help me!!!" And he willingly (no matter how much it kills him) complies. Am I alone in this one?
  7. (had to add one in) The highlight of my life is my little neice Josephine. Every time I look at a picture of her, and her pics are plastered over the walls of my office, I smile. She makes me so happy and I am so greatful she came into our family!!!!

*I tag Steph, Katie, Lindsay, Chris, & Kirsten...ignore this if you've already been "tagged"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Glenn Beck Is Coming to UTAH!

I am a total 100% Glenn Beck fan. And much to my surprise, I hear on the AM radio yesterday morning that he will be doing a book signing tomorrow from 9:30-10:30. So you KNOW where I will be tomorrow morning. I love this guy. He coverted to Mormonism after marrying his wife, he is a hilarious talk show/TV host, and I cannot get enough of him. He just "GETS" it. Apparently he is coming to the E center and is already sold out. If you wanna party with me at the book signing, call me tomorrow am early. It's sure to be a good time. Plus, It is at the Deseret Book in Fort Union, so we can have yummy rolls from the Lion House Bakery while we wait.
I know, I know. I will end up going alone. But that's OK! I'll bring some rolls back!
You'll be missing out suckahs!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm Back.....A Typical Day in the life of Erika

I took a vacation from blogging for a little bit, but I'm back. (I know, there are those of you that are thinking, "But Blogging IS a vacation!" I think I would enjoy it more if I either had children or actually did things interesting enough to actually take a picture of...
Anyhow, Just thought I'd add this tid - bit of info in.

I've been dealing with a killer migraine that I finally got under control after a week! PAIN + NO RELIEF = EMERGENCY ROOM! It was good though, because my Migraine finally ended. I am also dealing with a major case of non-stop 24 hour Vertigo. ( dizziness, nausea ALL THE TIME, AND NO, I am not preggers) I feel motion sick and dizzy all day long and it usually results in me getting sick. I took all last week off of work, but I have to go in this week, and it is honestly the most miserable experience of my entire life. I kid you not. I have an MRI on Thursday to rule out a Brain Tumor...hah! Leave it to me to get the brain tumor diagnosis....

Anyhow, typing doesn't help much, so I most likely will only blog *sparingly* until I stop feeling like I am on a bumpy airplaine ride :( UGH.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My friends are the BEST! (& other rambings)

Above is my darling Brother Ben, who is a JAG in the Airforce holding the world's cutest niece....

  1. First, let me apologize about my lack of blog entries lately....our internet access isn't working from our home, and "Blogspot" is not on the "Official St. Mark's Hospital List of Approved websites." I DO get all responses you send to my blog at my work email: (maybe ORG?) So while in my office I can see what you all have written!
  2. So, I am doing Katie Darling's X-mas cards, as well as her younger sister Lauren's. I am having a blast doing them. Katie and Stephenson came over to my house and looked at the cards I had started on & loved it.
*Plug #2: I LOVE making cards and would be more than willing to create some random cards (b-days, thank yous, congrats, good luck, just because, etc) as well as any holiday cards you want. I realize I sound desperate, but things are going really well and I am super busy, but I just like to remind you all that you can pick up an awesome card that is cheaper than any grocery store card....and it is made with all my L.O.V.E.

3. Now, about Friends being the best ever......
  • Katie let me know that you guys switched GNO to a different day JUST FOR ME.*blush* Seriously, I have been wanting to come for soooooo long, and I love you all for arranging things so i can come. I cannot wait to see everyone!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Thankful for...

So, I have been inspired to make a daily list of 5 things that happened that day that I am thankful for, no matter how trivial they may seem. I think it helps put my life in perspective. So here goes day Numero Uno:
1. My big office with floor to ceiling windows that allowed me to look out over the entire valley, which is FULL of sunshine today
2. The huge smile that came across my face when I walked into my office and the first thing I saw was my desktop wallpaper of my sweet little Josie in her Bee Costume
3. Getting to sleep in and be late to work because I felt like it

4. My friend Jenny called and on my caller ID it said, "Beverly Hills"...that made me excited!!!
5. I discovered the pedicure device that let's you "shave" off the yucky dead skin off your heals and I LOVE it!!! So now I have baby soft heels!!(Kinda Gross....I know, but I AM thankful for it!!)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

So, I am officially an adult now, I have decided. At 25, you're still in that half way point where you can be considered a "young adult", but I think at 26, it's closer to 30, and then when you are 30, it's downhill from there. No, just kidding. I actually cannot wait to be in my 30s'.......*sigh*.....
Today I woke up and went to get a massage. When I came home, Jason had a HUGE bouquet of flowers sitting in vase. After I trimmed his beard in my pink bath robe and hot pink crocs in our backyard, Jace and I met up with Kirsten at Walmart because I always know I can expect a good time and leave in a wonderful mood.
I checked Josie's blog, because I was ordered to do that, and saw that they have posted a sweet cake they made in honor of my birthday, even though they are a zillion miles away.....I LOVE THE CAKE!!! I wish I could eat it!
Tonight we are going to see the ballet west production of the 3 Musketeers. I got hooked up with sweet seats, and Jason had planned to take me to the Utah Football game, but we are going to the ballet instead, and my hubby is such a good sport that he hasn't said a word about it except that, "It will be a great time." Yay. And I have had so many birthday wishes from friends and family. I love you all!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Dave Ramsey Addict

I freaking LOVE Dave Ramsey, the "financial guru." (and I have to admit he is a good looking older guy??? Right???) I cannot get enough of him, seriously. I make it a priority to read his books and listen to him on AM 570 as often as I can. My favorite quote from him is, "If you cannot pay for it in cash, you don't need it." And my favorite thing is when people call in once they are Debt free, and they have this tradition where Dave has the caller yell as loud as possible, "I'M DEBT FREE!!!" Maybe you should start listening to hear me call in one day and yell that......
I know, I know....I have serious issues when it comes to talk radio, but this guy is a miracle worker. Am I the only one who knows about this awesome guy???

Monday, November 5, 2007

Teeth Suck!

"there is always someone worse off than you..."
( p.s. Man, I love those grills!!!)

For those of you that don't know, I should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Youngest person to have 500 medical/vision/dental problems." Hmmm....anyone know how I go ahead and do that? Oh, and puhleeeeze comment if you are in the same boat as I as far as dental troubles so I can feel less like an alien freak.

Anyhow, Besides having over like, 30 cavities, 6 crowns, and more root canals than I can shake a stick at, things were going OK. My crown that was put on for the THIRD time (yes, that is 3 crowns at about $1000 a pop.....) fell off AGAIN. Honestly. So my only options are to:
  • Go through a horrible, painful, yucky surgery ( involving an implant and yet another porcelain veneer) that most people either: *Never have to do OR they don't have to even THINK about it until they are 80 or 90*
  • Try yet another crown (yep.....4th f-ing crown, $1000 gone from my savings) and cross our fingers that it really really will cooperate and hold for good.

First of all, I tell my dentist,
ERIKA: "Hey. Val. Honestly. What makes you think that the 4th time around is going to be "THE" time the crown will stay on? Aren't we kinda delaying the inevitable?"
VAL: "Isn't everything we do in life just delaying the inevitable?"
ERIKA: No words. Just anger. And rolling eyes.

Why-oh-why do I have to be plagued with one health crisis after another???? Let's be real. I have had MORE than my fair share of crap. I think I need a break. From life. For about 2 years, so I can save up enough $$ to take care of the "inevitable" teeth issues I will have each year. Below are the lovely veneers I hope to one day get.....after I take up a third job and sell stuff on Craigslist......(wonderful idea erika!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I will explain the picture at the end....
I cannot believe that I am sick with the stinkin' flu on my favorite holiday. I forced myself to go to work after 2 days off, and got a flu shot WHILE I had the flu. Was I not supposed to do that? Oops.
Honestly. I always get sick around this time of year, only usually it happens around Thanksgiving. Jason is as healthy as an Ox, like always. *sigh* So we are having a super fun night of sleeping and watching TV at my parents house, helping hand out candy. I admit, I am kind of a nerd, because I have ALWAYS wanted to hand out candy, and this year I finally can! (given we have any trick-or-treaters)
So this is CRAZY. I hear in Chicago now, they have officially renamed Halloween as "Orange and Black Day." What the heck? And I guess are now thinking about renaming Christmas, "Winterfest." No jokes, folks. This is the real deal. I heard it myself. Now THAT'S scary.

Know what else is freaky? The Halloween Crab I posted a picture of.
  • Halloween Crab:"A very common land crab in the coastal lowland tropical rain forests of Costa Rica is the Halloween Crab (Gecarcinus quadratus). Halloween Crabs have several common names and are also known as Mouthless Crabs or Harlequin Land Crabs."

Now that makes me more nauseous than I already am.....Happy Orange and Black Day Everyone!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Celeb Look-A-Like

Why is it that every single picture I post on this site ALWAYS pulls up at least one asian. Seriously, the first time, Out of ten celebs, 7 were FULL BLOWN asian/chinese/japanese. I was *uh-hum* offended and deleted it all, and kept trying until I got a normal mixture. At least I didn't get a man on my look-a-like thing....I've had my friend Mariah who was told she looked like Keith Urban. Uhhh.....Not so much

*DISCLAIMER: In no way is this statement meant to be derogatory to any people of asiasn decent. So don't write me or sue me with complaints. I HEART asians!


So, my card "business" needs a name, because I wanted to have that on the back of the 50 some odd 50th wedding anniversary invites I just completed (and I must say that the cute little gold rings attached to the bow on the front to signify their "Golden Wedding" Anniversary is my fave part) I now have a blog and an email I am working to start up so that anyone can order cards and view my gallery. The blog is and the email address is

These are the first time I have done "fancy cards", but I generally like to do more unique, fun, modern cards. I am working to get a website going, but in the meantime, I will try to post some of my cards. Feedback please.....

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy 2nd Anniversary to us!

Jason and I spent our 2nd Anniversary at the Anniversary Inn in Logan. We stayed in the oriental garden room, which was basically the coolest hook-up ever. Honestly, the huge red jetted jacuzzi could probably fit 4 people easily.
Anyhow, We had a great time....and we are impressed with the fact that with everything we have been through in our 2 years of marriage, we are still going strong. The Germans always say, "If it rains on your wedding day, and then the sun breaks through in the afternoon, that means good luck." Lucky for us, this was what went down on our wedding day, but my German Grandparents got married in similar weather and have been married nearly 62 years!!!!! Is that a record?

Here's our little adventure, starting in October, 2004. Engagement night, engagement pics, and wedding pics to come....I only have like, 2 of the wedding photos downloaded..Oh, and of course I had to download some pics from our awesome room!Problemn is, they were so tiny that even a pilot with 20/10 vision would have a hard time seeing them. Trust me on this.... HUGE RED JETTED JACUZZI + Bubbles = Good times

Erika's newest BFF....Ethan Belliston...&here's why...

Okay, so Ethan, Liz's darling 2 year old, officially knows me as "Reeks," which I am totally stoked about. I honestly love that kid and the crazy faces he makes when he wants something. I plan on spoiling this child rotten until my niece Josie can call me "Reeks." Then I will have 2 people to spoil....
*Hidden Message* Train your kids to call me Reeks, and you will be *blessed* (imagine a halo above your head and angels singing Hallelujah in your mind)
So for now, I have one niece (Josephine) and one adopted nephew (Ethan). Man, I LOVE it when my friends & family have kids....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Heart Walmart & Pink Dustbusters

So, as many of you Bountiful bloggers know, a HUGE Walmart just opened. I had been to ONE Walmart before in Chile of all places.
At first, I have to say that I was totally against the idea because Target is basically the best place I knew to shop for sweet deals, and then comes Walmart. And everyone in town is in an uproar. The only downside is that I really really hope Target doesn't go out of business, because where else has those awesome "new designers" that they feature, and their commercials are genius.
That all said, Jason and I woke up and went to Walmart because we needed a rake, and I wanted a fish. Problem was, that three hours later, our cart was full, rake, 2 male beta fish in a "pro-fighting" container (it's a 2-sided aquarium so that they won't eat eachother, but you can slip a blocker in so they can't see eachother) so that when they make eye contact, you can practically hear them saying one to the other, "COME ON SISSY, FIGHT ME!" Jason and I think the green one will survive the longest. We still have yet to name them.
However, the most exciting purchase of the day was my 10 lb. pink mega sized vacuum that is like a high powered dust buster, and for those of you who don't know, I dust bust the entire house, even the unfinished basement at least three times a day. So this was basically a dream come true. Check it out. It's sweeeet. I think I will put some rhinestones on their that say "DIVA"

Friday, October 19, 2007

Some Halloween Costume Ideas

I wish I could dress up for Halloween, but I'd have nowhere to go. Honestly, you can't tell me YOU wouldn't want to don any of these 20's Costumes....Maybe I can order some just to wear when I need a change of wardrobe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My first official card job!

*Norma & LeRoy Sturgeon

So, funny how when you think things that YOU might think are really cool, and you fear others think what you view as awesome as being boring, things change:

*Case in Point: A local skating coach who has known me since I was itty-bitty saw my cards and asked if I could make 35 invites to her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. Being the novice that I am, I quoted $135.00. Hey, it was marketing, right? I am getting a stamp with my name and business name (if anyone can help me think of one) on a stamp, so it's also good for word of mouth. So, I am busily working on those to send out on November 1st. I will post a finished card when I am through. Wish me luck

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Suggestions? Suggestions? I need a name, ASAP!
That's all. Thanks ya'll.

Ahhhhhh!!!! That was a good morning stretch since I did not get ONE wink of freaking sleep. I've just been fascinated by the computer and I literally need to get off now and get at least one hour in before I have to go back to the grind at the rink.....

Card-Selling: Day 2

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the pics that went with this, so I wil upload them tonight...if anyone cares....

So, by the end of the day yesterday, I sold 20 cards....honestly, I am still in shock. And I don't know if I mentioned before, but some lady bought 4 cards and then asked if I would hand make all the invitations to her 50th birthday in March, and I was like, "Freak Yes!" Jason has been nice enough to stop by, keep me company, and haul my heavy crap back and forth, and run errands.
Day 2 was not so successful, and I was getting uber (thanks for that word Dibs)depressed. I only sold 7 cards today. But then I had to hit myself in the head and remind myself this is my first time doing this and I really didn't expect to sell I am giving myself some Kudos. It gets hard to give away ones that are my favorites.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My first card selling event! Regional Ice Skating Championships

I am in the midst of my first semi-unexpected card selling event. I am spending today, tomorrow, and saturday all day,trying to sell some of my cards. *PLUG: If you want to see or buy any of my cards, they are all hand-made and super cute. I am working a website for them) I have sold 10 so far, and it's only been half a day. I think this is pure luck, because most people come and stop and look and say, "Oh, how cute!" Then they move on. Oh well. That's business I guess.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Booooring Day - Time to goof around with the blogging polls

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as warm and well-balanced.

Overall, your true self is passionate and physical.

With friends, you seem logical, detached, and a bit manipulative.

In love, you seem mysterious and interesting.

In stressful situations, you seem sad and helpless.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I just want to that too much to ask?

So, yesterday when it was snowing, I was super excited because that means Ski Time! Yay! I put my Utah 1984 Ski Championship Shirt on (a $3 bargain from an Old Navy in Boston) and my skull and crossbones beanie (another $1 bargain from the Dollar Store) so that I could mentally prepare for trying moguls this season. And a hard black diamond. I think I will wear my Utah Ski Shirt and my beanie every day and say affirmations to myself while looking in the mirror....

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tribute to our FAVORITE holiday....HALLOWEEN!

It's funny, but one of the first things Jason and I learned about eachother is that we both think Halloween trumps all other Holidays. I mean, who DOESN'T like the chance to dress like an idiot and decorate your house all super cute with spooky stuff. We decided to have a Halloween party at our house. So far, the invite list includes Jason and Me. (BIG suprise, eh?) If you wanna party like it's Halloween 1999, let me know!!!!

When the hubby's away....the girls play

Jason has been back and forth to St. George for his investigations and surveillance's to catch child labor from a lot of Polygymasists and so forth. We are proud of him because his first "out of town" (2 weeks long, may I add) He got awesome surviellence of illegal labor going on, so he had to travel back down for 2 days to do documentation and serve papers. FUN! I want to spy on people!!!!!

OK. So it's not like Kirsten and I were doing anything extraordinary and wild. We were scrapbooking and card making. (P.S. I personally think my cards are da bomb, and will sell them for super cheap....just my little plug)

For those of you who don't know me, I pretty much am frightened of dogs...not dogs themselves, but their fur and slobber and licking my face. So Kirsten caught a pic of there 150 lb. New Foundland pouncing on me, full on liking my entire face. This may take a looooong time and several therapy sessions to overcome.