Friday, December 7, 2007

Glenn Beck Is Coming to UTAH!

I am a total 100% Glenn Beck fan. And much to my surprise, I hear on the AM radio yesterday morning that he will be doing a book signing tomorrow from 9:30-10:30. So you KNOW where I will be tomorrow morning. I love this guy. He coverted to Mormonism after marrying his wife, he is a hilarious talk show/TV host, and I cannot get enough of him. He just "GETS" it. Apparently he is coming to the E center and is already sold out. If you wanna party with me at the book signing, call me tomorrow am early. It's sure to be a good time. Plus, It is at the Deseret Book in Fort Union, so we can have yummy rolls from the Lion House Bakery while we wait.
I know, I know. I will end up going alone. But that's OK! I'll bring some rolls back!
You'll be missing out suckahs!


Ali said...

Reeks!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone in the Glenn Beck fan club! Don't worry...I am an insider, listen every single day on the computer, (takes way too much time on the radio) bought his book, book on cd, and bought it to give as chritmas gifts, I subscribe to Fusion Magazine, have his Christmas ornament, AND went to his Christmas concert this year AND last! Yeah, I'm pretty much addicted too! Horray for us, right? At least we aren't losers alone! JK- Can't wait to see you this Wednesday at GNO! Hope everything is going good! Love you- Ali

Dark Wolf said...


I GET it Glenn !!

I'm also a big time fan of our mentor Glenn Beck. I'd just love to make it to one of his live shows. I missed last years' Boise shows. America needs to protect Glenn and gang against the REAL hate mongers !
Check out my Cafe Press store for Glenn Beck supporter gear click on the 'politics' link and open up 'Glenn Beck'. Let me know what you think,any siggestions, and spread the word so that we can spread the word so that Glenn can keep spreading the word.

We need to show the 'other' side that Americans support FREE SPEECH. AND we need to show Glenn that America supports him and his and are wanting to protect them from our REAL enemies within. Show Glenn we have his back and to keep up the good fight.