Saturday, March 3, 2007

Where the heck is Magna?

So, Jason and I try are trying to find a house in Utah we can afford. This venture led me to Magna, Utah. I had no idea where Magna even was. I saw this little cottage that looked pretty cute on the inside and the outside would be a good construction project. Plus, it was the cheapest house in Utah I think.
In a nutshell, I left the house in tears. First, Magna sucks! Our backyard would be those mountains on the other side(uh-hum...WEST) of the state and a power plant or something like that.
I was outta there faster than I could say "Magna."

Erika and Jason see Josie for the first time

Josie was so tiny when we first saw her! She totally had a crush on her Uncle Jason. Just look at her attempt to smile when Jason is tickling her! Plus, I love the picture of us both with Josie. We both look like I just had a kid....look how tired we look! Man, I hate to see what we will look like when we have one of our own. Geez.

Erika and her cutest neice on the planet!