Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friends and Family

Just thought I should include some of the most important people EVER (if you don't see yourself, I'm still compiling patient.) I have an AWESOME family- my parents and Jace's family, and friends that are amazing. I am just working on getting everyone included. I love you guys!


Jace and I love going to Montana. I just dug up these pictures from when we spent thanksgiving there. I think I work that J-Lo White puffy jacket with the black face mask well. We also saw the funniest sign ever on the way back from the ski resort.....We are thinking of finding a way to transfer it onto T-Shirts. And finally, the Clark family favorite hot spot...The Hot Springs. Sure, it was like, the grossest thing I have ever been in, but it was like 100 degree water in -20 degree weather. So besides the sketchy moss growing in the pool, I can't complain.

Last pic of Jason became a mountain man

This is one of the last pics I have of Jason with a clean shaven face. He decided that he should let his hair grow out a little and grow a full beard. I think he may be trying to copy my dad's look. When I went to KC to visit him last week, he looked like a rockstar. I can't complain about that!
And of course, I always have to make a stupid face when I get my picture taken. I inherited that trait from my older bro Ben.

New Blog Title Contest

Hello fellow blogging friends. I decided that I need to have a better blog name than "Helme Fam," so I am taking suggestions. So far we have only one entry:
1. Tim and Kirsten: "It's a Helme of a life."