Friday, October 5, 2007

I heart Halloween

This is another treasure from the Dollar Store. What would I do without that place?
This is me in my new witch hat, even though it kinda looks like a pilgram hat up close........
Here is our cute little 3 foot tall Haloween Tree. It is black with orange berries. We bought a bunch of super scary ornaments, and are just putting up the purple lights around the tree.
My mom is the best. Every holiday season, she makes me a wreath, and I absolutely LOVE them. I always look forward to what fun things she makes for me during the different holidays!
You probably can't see much, but Jace and I were at Home Depot and saw these reuseable haloween stickies that go on your door. LOVE EM!

Halloween is my favorite holiday ever. I love the autumn season, wearing warm sweaters, pea coats, and yes, I do admit I wear UGGS. (don't act like you don't like them too)
The following pics are just a few of the Halloween decorations we have started to put up. I found this awesome witch/pilgram hat at the Dollar Tree, so I was thinking I could be a witch and I got Jace a pirate ensemble for $1.00 too. What a bargain. I heart Halloween and the Dollar Store!!!