Saturday, October 13, 2007


Suggestions? Suggestions? I need a name, ASAP!
That's all. Thanks ya'll.

Ahhhhhh!!!! That was a good morning stretch since I did not get ONE wink of freaking sleep. I've just been fascinated by the computer and I literally need to get off now and get at least one hour in before I have to go back to the grind at the rink.....

Card-Selling: Day 2

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the pics that went with this, so I wil upload them tonight...if anyone cares....

So, by the end of the day yesterday, I sold 20 cards....honestly, I am still in shock. And I don't know if I mentioned before, but some lady bought 4 cards and then asked if I would hand make all the invitations to her 50th birthday in March, and I was like, "Freak Yes!" Jason has been nice enough to stop by, keep me company, and haul my heavy crap back and forth, and run errands.
Day 2 was not so successful, and I was getting uber (thanks for that word Dibs)depressed. I only sold 7 cards today. But then I had to hit myself in the head and remind myself this is my first time doing this and I really didn't expect to sell I am giving myself some Kudos. It gets hard to give away ones that are my favorites.