Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Heart Walmart & Pink Dustbusters

So, as many of you Bountiful bloggers know, a HUGE Walmart just opened. I had been to ONE Walmart before in Chile of all places.
At first, I have to say that I was totally against the idea because Target is basically the best place I knew to shop for sweet deals, and then comes Walmart. And everyone in town is in an uproar. The only downside is that I really really hope Target doesn't go out of business, because where else has those awesome "new designers" that they feature, and their commercials are genius.
That all said, Jason and I woke up and went to Walmart because we needed a rake, and I wanted a fish. Problem was, that three hours later, our cart was full, rake, 2 male beta fish in a "pro-fighting" container (it's a 2-sided aquarium so that they won't eat eachother, but you can slip a blocker in so they can't see eachother) so that when they make eye contact, you can practically hear them saying one to the other, "COME ON SISSY, FIGHT ME!" Jason and I think the green one will survive the longest. We still have yet to name them.
However, the most exciting purchase of the day was my 10 lb. pink mega sized vacuum that is like a high powered dust buster, and for those of you who don't know, I dust bust the entire house, even the unfinished basement at least three times a day. So this was basically a dream come true. Check it out. It's sweeeet. I think I will put some rhinestones on their that say "DIVA"