Monday, October 29, 2007

Celeb Look-A-Like

Why is it that every single picture I post on this site ALWAYS pulls up at least one asian. Seriously, the first time, Out of ten celebs, 7 were FULL BLOWN asian/chinese/japanese. I was *uh-hum* offended and deleted it all, and kept trying until I got a normal mixture. At least I didn't get a man on my look-a-like thing....I've had my friend Mariah who was told she looked like Keith Urban. Uhhh.....Not so much

*DISCLAIMER: In no way is this statement meant to be derogatory to any people of asiasn decent. So don't write me or sue me with complaints. I HEART asians!


So, my card "business" needs a name, because I wanted to have that on the back of the 50 some odd 50th wedding anniversary invites I just completed (and I must say that the cute little gold rings attached to the bow on the front to signify their "Golden Wedding" Anniversary is my fave part) I now have a blog and an email I am working to start up so that anyone can order cards and view my gallery. The blog is and the email address is

These are the first time I have done "fancy cards", but I generally like to do more unique, fun, modern cards. I am working to get a website going, but in the meantime, I will try to post some of my cards. Feedback please.....