Monday, November 5, 2007

Teeth Suck!

"there is always someone worse off than you..."
( p.s. Man, I love those grills!!!)

For those of you that don't know, I should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Youngest person to have 500 medical/vision/dental problems." Hmmm....anyone know how I go ahead and do that? Oh, and puhleeeeze comment if you are in the same boat as I as far as dental troubles so I can feel less like an alien freak.

Anyhow, Besides having over like, 30 cavities, 6 crowns, and more root canals than I can shake a stick at, things were going OK. My crown that was put on for the THIRD time (yes, that is 3 crowns at about $1000 a pop.....) fell off AGAIN. Honestly. So my only options are to:
  • Go through a horrible, painful, yucky surgery ( involving an implant and yet another porcelain veneer) that most people either: *Never have to do OR they don't have to even THINK about it until they are 80 or 90*
  • Try yet another crown (yep.....4th f-ing crown, $1000 gone from my savings) and cross our fingers that it really really will cooperate and hold for good.

First of all, I tell my dentist,
ERIKA: "Hey. Val. Honestly. What makes you think that the 4th time around is going to be "THE" time the crown will stay on? Aren't we kinda delaying the inevitable?"
VAL: "Isn't everything we do in life just delaying the inevitable?"
ERIKA: No words. Just anger. And rolling eyes.

Why-oh-why do I have to be plagued with one health crisis after another???? Let's be real. I have had MORE than my fair share of crap. I think I need a break. From life. For about 2 years, so I can save up enough $$ to take care of the "inevitable" teeth issues I will have each year. Below are the lovely veneers I hope to one day get.....after I take up a third job and sell stuff on Craigslist......(wonderful idea erika!)