Friday, November 9, 2007

Dave Ramsey Addict

I freaking LOVE Dave Ramsey, the "financial guru." (and I have to admit he is a good looking older guy??? Right???) I cannot get enough of him, seriously. I make it a priority to read his books and listen to him on AM 570 as often as I can. My favorite quote from him is, "If you cannot pay for it in cash, you don't need it." And my favorite thing is when people call in once they are Debt free, and they have this tradition where Dave has the caller yell as loud as possible, "I'M DEBT FREE!!!" Maybe you should start listening to hear me call in one day and yell that......
I know, I know....I have serious issues when it comes to talk radio, but this guy is a miracle worker. Am I the only one who knows about this awesome guy???