Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

So, I am officially an adult now, I have decided. At 25, you're still in that half way point where you can be considered a "young adult", but I think at 26, it's closer to 30, and then when you are 30, it's downhill from there. No, just kidding. I actually cannot wait to be in my 30s'.......*sigh*.....
Today I woke up and went to get a massage. When I came home, Jason had a HUGE bouquet of flowers sitting in vase. After I trimmed his beard in my pink bath robe and hot pink crocs in our backyard, Jace and I met up with Kirsten at Walmart because I always know I can expect a good time and leave in a wonderful mood.
I checked Josie's blog, because I was ordered to do that, and saw that they have posted a sweet cake they made in honor of my birthday, even though they are a zillion miles away.....I LOVE THE CAKE!!! I wish I could eat it!
Tonight we are going to see the ballet west production of the 3 Musketeers. I got hooked up with sweet seats, and Jason had planned to take me to the Utah Football game, but we are going to the ballet instead, and my hubby is such a good sport that he hasn't said a word about it except that, "It will be a great time." Yay. And I have had so many birthday wishes from friends and family. I love you all!