Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My friends are the BEST! (& other rambings)

Above is my darling Brother Ben, who is a JAG in the Airforce holding the world's cutest niece....

  1. First, let me apologize about my lack of blog entries lately....our internet access isn't working from our home, and "Blogspot" is not on the "Official St. Mark's Hospital List of Approved websites." I DO get all responses you send to my blog at my work email: (maybe ORG?) So while in my office I can see what you all have written!
  2. So, I am doing Katie Darling's X-mas cards, as well as her younger sister Lauren's. I am having a blast doing them. Katie and Stephenson came over to my house and looked at the cards I had started on & loved it.
*Plug #2: I LOVE making cards and would be more than willing to create some random cards (b-days, thank yous, congrats, good luck, just because, etc) as well as any holiday cards you want. I realize I sound desperate, but things are going really well and I am super busy, but I just like to remind you all that you can pick up an awesome card that is cheaper than any grocery store card....and it is made with all my L.O.V.E.

3. Now, about Friends being the best ever......
  • Katie let me know that you guys switched GNO to a different day JUST FOR ME.*blush* Seriously, I have been wanting to come for soooooo long, and I love you all for arranging things so i can come. I cannot wait to see everyone!!