Saturday, December 8, 2007

Procrastination.....I got Tagged

So I am finally just buckling down and fufilling my dutiful blogging obligations to post when tagged, so here goes 6 Random Facts: (let's face it though, my life is an open book.There is little one doesn't know about me.)

  1. A long time ago in a far away place named Kansas City, Missouri, there was a gas station that had diet pepsi, diet dr. pepper, and red creme fanta soda. So I mixed those and Jason christened the name for that drink, "My Concoction." Lo and Behold, 2 weeks later, out comes Diet Pepsi Jazz, Strawberries and Creme, and I swear, I had died and gone to heaven. I like to think that I truly invented that first.
  2. I truly have found my passion in life. I always thought it was to be some super athlete, but really, I am most happy when I am making cards for friends, family, and others. It has been an excellent therapeutic outlet and I am so happy I am allowing myself to TRY and CONTINUE TRYING, no matter how loud my perfectionistic mind is.
  3. I love Audrey Hepburn. If I could come back again in life, I'd be her for sure. I am slowly trying to convert my wardrobe to all Black, Creme, White, and Grey.
  4. I, like Leslie, have the worst teeth ever. After trying 4...count them....4 crowns on one tooth (and don't you worry, I've got almost all my teeth crowned) I have to get a *GASP* implant and a veneer. Like I can pull $3000 bucks outta my butt. I say pull the stupid thing. I can relate to Leslie and the cavity bit. The lowest number I have ever had was 4, the highest, 8 or 9. My hubby has perfect teeth. No cavities at all. SUCKS when it comes time to pay dental insurance. I do have to say that I cannot just blame this on my horrible teeth grinding. I chew bubble gum like it will be gone tomorrow. And I can't pawn this off to genetics either, unfortunatley.
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to talk radio on AM stations. I honestly could not tell you one popular song out right now. I am hooked on Rush, Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, and Glenn Beck. I mean, while you are sitting in traffic, why not educate yourself, right?
  6. I don't accept traditional gender roles....completely. Of course, this leads to my family calling my a feminazi, which I am not, but I just think that it is 100% fair that while no kidlets are in the picture, all household duties are 50/50. I don't always think the woman has to cook and clean. The guy can do it just as well! Jason does the Laundry, I dustbust around the, but really, nothing makes my hair stand on end more than when a family eats dinner and the men get up, walk away from the table, and go watch T.V. Me? I'm like, "Get your bum back in here and help me!!!" And he willingly (no matter how much it kills him) complies. Am I alone in this one?
  7. (had to add one in) The highlight of my life is my little neice Josephine. Every time I look at a picture of her, and her pics are plastered over the walls of my office, I smile. She makes me so happy and I am so greatful she came into our family!!!!

*I tag Steph, Katie, Lindsay, Chris, & Kirsten...ignore this if you've already been "tagged"