Friday, January 25, 2008

It's Been A Looooong Time

So, no big suprise to those of you who know me well.....I once again got hurt. I went to sit down at work on a big roller chair, and missed it by a hair and went down hard and cracked my tailbone. OUCH! It's hurts so freaking bad. It hurts to sit, lay, stand, whatever.

Not much is new in the Helme Family. Honestly. Except that we might think about having kids sooner than we planned on because the ER doc showed me comparisons of a normal, healthy 25 year old spine, and the spine of a 70 something woman, and mine was identical to the 70 something.

I have struggled majorly with deciding what to do.

Sorry, I just had to pour my soul out a bit. I just get so angry at myself for ruining my bones. The Doc said that I had better have "one child ASAP" and then tie my tubes so I can start on old lady meds like Fosamax or Boniva. Man, my life is like one bad curse. At least I have an amazing husband and family.

OK......on the brighter side, I am so into V-day this year. I think I will have a party with all my girlfriends and their spouses and throw an "ugly sweater and pancake party." I even bought heart shaped pancake makers and decked out my kitchen table with valentine day decor.

It's wierd that I don't really like the Major Holidays....CHristmas, Thanksgiving, but I love Halloween and V-day. I don't have any cool pics to post right now, so I Just thought I would post clip art that represent my life right now.